The Web is Always Changing

We Keep Up With Trends So You Don’t Have To

Websites are like headshots – they should be updated as you mature.

Maybe you’ve changed your service offerings.

Maybe you’re rebranding your company.

Maybe you can’t even log into your current website…

We can help.

Modernizing your website can be a daunting task without the proper tools and knowledge. Magnolia Web Development has extensive experience redeveloping website content and designs to incorporate today’s best practices while optimizing performance, and can help implement a fresh new take on your business without reinventing the wheel.

Our Approach to Modernization

  • Make It Skimmable

    Reduce Fluff & Prioritize the Most Important Information

  • Make It Mobile

    Cross-Device Optimizations are No Longer Optional

  • Make It Breathe

    Engage with Movement, Space, and Hierarchy

  • Make It Easier

    Create Better Experiences for You and Your Website Visitors

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Before and After Example


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